Carol Scott-Conner

Beachcombings: More Short Stories

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This slender collection of short stories explores the world of academic surgery introduced in my first book, and introduces some new characters. Like a child sorting through the shells she picked up on a beach, I've put these stories in a kind of order. The collection begins with a prose poem exploring the thoughts of a woman whose husband is undergoing open heart surgery. It progresses through pieces exploring relationships between surgeons and patients. One story deals with surgeon as patient. The middle of the collection is enlivened by a snarky male physicist whose wife hits the road while in the midst of a hormonal upset. A second prose poem, this one from the surgeon's point of view, concludes the volume.

Selected Works

Medical Writing
A book to help clinicians turn their experience into stories or memoirs.
This is a brief guide for aspiring writers.
A compact but extensive text that stresses the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer and benign breast diseases.
A combination of surgical atlas and anatomic reference that covers the most common general, thoracic, and vascular surgical cases.
Authoritative, multiauthored text containing technical details of laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical procedures.
Compact paperback containing template operative dictations and details on surgical procedures.
Short Stories
These are short pieces of fiction set in the academic world.
Short stories
This is a collection of short stories set in the world of academic surgery
Medical writing

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